Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal


Now, a 1-1 draw might sound a bit rubbish to someone who knows nothing about the subject, but to a Palace fan, thats something of a big result.

Arsenal have won the Premiership title countless times, were top of the table until this weekend, and have a team whose collective value is almost certainly higher than the whole of Crystal Palace — players, staff, stadium, the lot. Palace, on the other hand, came up to the Premiership the hard way — after just scraping into the Division One play-offs. In fact, this time last season, we were staring relegation from that division in the face. We didn’t even get a win for the first eight games of this season!

So to get a draw there is a huge result. And by the looks of Soccernet’s match report we might even have won it! Rock right on!

We face Manchester United and Liverpool in our next two games — one in the cup and the other in the league. That’s another two of the biggest teams in the country. Thats the same Liverpool that inflicted out biggest ever defeat upon us all those years ago in 1990 (though we beat them in the FA Cup semi-final later that season) .

Bring them on!

3 Responses to “Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal”

1. Simon

And by the looks of Soccernet’s match report we might even have won it! Rock right on!

You mean you didn’t watch it? Pfft such a fan :op Looks like Arsenal are a little bit wobbly at the moment as are Man U, woo hoo. Oh and yeah I know we’re bottom but its all a matter of time… I hope.

2. Olly

Unfortunately there’s no big-screen TV’s in the forests of Gloucestershire ;o)

3. Arsenal bets

I remember those games at Palace! 1 – 1 draws are what caused our downfall last season; don’t take this the wrong way; but I’m glad Palace aren’t in the Premiership again this season, they always turn out a result against us! By the way, I think you’re mad! All this downhill (sorry mountains!) mountain biking is for mad, crazy people…