So, Halloween then…

I was reading Stuart’s halloween post and felt I should probably tell you all about mine.

We got dressed up. We went out. It were gert fun. I haven’t got any photos of it yet, so I’ll have to describe my get-up to you and let your imagination do all of the hard work.

Inspired by Dangerous Dave B, we start with the classic Zombie/Axe Murderer look. Take one white shirt, and put lots of rips in it. Finish it off with surprisingly realistic looking blood-stains and smears everywhere. Add trousers with similar amount of rips, and (fake) blood dripping down your legs. Nice.

Have you got a nice picture forming yet? Good. Now lets mess it up.

Now we mix in an element of tango man. Not the bright orange element though &#8212 no, we went for the really very bright red look. Thats my entire head (including my hair), my arms and my hands. Bright red, as in pillar-box red. Ferarri red. Very very red.

Feeling ever so slightly intrigued yet? Good. Pictures as and when I get them.

Update: There’s now some scary pictures in the gallery.

4 Responses to “So, Halloween then…”

1. grant

It’s not the 2nd yet, freaky future boy….

2. Olly

Yes it is ;-)

[Flippin’ server time’s set wrong…]

3. Simon

To be honnest that just sounds like you after a bike ride…

4. Olly

Well, if you were going to be pedantic, technically it was me after a bike ride.

And a hour or so of driving.

And some dinner.

And a shower, a shave, a change of clothes and a load of fake blood and bright red make-up.