Its entirely possible that there’s a new camera sat on my desk now, along with a gert big memory card :o)

That’s quite impressive service from Amazon – I didn’t order it until about 22:30 on Friday night!

6 Responses to “Woohoo!”

1. rjw

New cameras are ace.

2. Simon

Oh yeah… when you go to this comment thing it underlaps the right hand links bit… I blame IE for that but still, come on mr web designer :op

p.s. firefox killed my work pc :o( so stuck with ie

3. rjw

It does it with Firefox as well.

4. Olly

Its my fault – I haven’t sorted it out in the CSS yet. Lists are far too far indented on Firefox aswell. So many things to do…

5. Stuart

Hey! Cool! That’s super-fast service, and yay! You have comments!

6. grant

Let me know how you get on with the camera – it’s on my list of prospects