The Collective – A 16mm Mountain Bike Film

"The Collective" Logo

The Collective hs been hyped quite a lot in certain circles as the best mountain bike film ever made.

I’ve not seen all of the bike films ever made, but I can tell you for sure – this one is ace.

OK, so the first scene – big jumps and drops in the desert – isn’t brilliant, mainly because its all been done before. But from then on in its just amazing. The filming captures the speed, it captures the flow, it captures the fun and it makes it look beautiful.

Better than Earthed? I’m not sure – its a different kind of film. Earthed, like its predecessors – the Sprung series, are presented as video magazines, and they follow the racing around the world.

This one is more like a showcase – something that makes our sport look fantastic. It doesn’t visit the races (apart from the RedBull rampage). Instead it takes you down miles and miles of stunning singletrack and ‘shore trails.

You know that feeling you get when you’re flowing through that awesome singletrack descent – everything clicking into place, the wind whistling past you, the trees passing by at speed? It captures that feeling.

Just thinking about it makes me want to go out and ride.

2 Responses to “The Collective – A 16mm Mountain Bike Film”

1. Simon

Is it better that Dirt? That film rocks, haven’t found anything that comes close to it yet.

2. Olly

Didn’t that come free on a magazine years ago, or was that Getta Grip? Either way, The Collective is ACE (with a capital a-c-e), especially the rainforest bit.

But if you don’t like Jedi you won’t like that bit – its all shore-stylee stuff ;-)