In my arms baby, yeah!

I was in HMV ealier, to see if they had a copy of the new Evil Nine album yet. They didn’t, but the new Mylo album DestroyRock&Roll was going cheap. So I bought it. Its rather good on first listen. But hark, whats that I hear?

Can it be? It bloody well can. Track 5 (called In My Arms) samples Boy Meets Girl‘s eponymous classic Waiting for a Star to Fall!

Sorry, did I say “eponymous classic”? I meant complete stinker. I seem to remember buying the single when I was little. I also seem to remember ritually destroying it a bit later in life. I downloaded it to see just how bad it was – and I wasn’t too surprised to find that it was a good deal worse than I remembered. Though on browsing the web I was surprised to find that they also penned a couple of hits for Whitney Houston, including “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (another unmitigated stinker).

And yet that little sample (“In my arms baby, yeah”) repeated over a housey beat seems to work quite nicely. This worries me a bit. Am I going to look back at my CD collection in another ten years time and find that its full of complete stinkers? Will I regard DestroyRock&Roll to be on a par with the very band it samples? Or will it have the cult appeal of something like the KLF’s The White Room perhaps?

Not that it matters right now, because I’m enjoying bouncing around the room to “Drop the Pressure” and “Paris Four Hundred“, two of the stand-out tracks on the album. How loud to you reckon it’ll go before the neighbours complain?