About your host

I’m Olly (short for Oliver) Hodgson — that’s me in the picture. There’s loads more on Flickr.

Photo of me, in a bar in Val d'Isere. (photo by Dave Gratton)I’m into mountain biking in a big way. It costs me a small fortune. I’m also up for a bit of snow boarding, taking the odd picture, turning my music up too loud, playing with tech gadgets, playing with Photoshop, and all sorts of other stuff. I live with a bunch of other extreme sports nutters in Cheltenham, in the south west of England.

What do you do for a living?

I design and build web-sites. I specialise in the front-end — in other words, I work on the interface that appears in your browser. I’ve also been known to dabble in back-end (server-side) programming, but I prefer to get someone else to do that for me. I could throw a load of geeky acronyms at you here, but I’ll refrain from that for now.

What’s this web-site all about then?

All of the above really. I’ll write about anything and everything that interests me. That could be anything from suspension systems on mountain bikes to the latest trends in server-side web coding or how much I love the latest album from thingymagig. You can safely ignore the bits you don’t want to read.

Can I e-mail / IM / phone you?

Sure. You’ll be wanting my contact details.

You said you like turning your music up too loud…

Aye, I do. I’m into all sorts — I probably like at least one thing from every genre you can think of. You can keep a closer eye on my musical tastes by visiting my last.fm profile.

I love you and want to buy you gifts!

Hey, look! I’ve got a stalker! Mmmkay then. You could get me something from my Amazon.co.uk Wish-list if you’re feeling generous.

I want to know more about…

You want to read my blog / journal / diary / whatever the hell you want to call it. I reveal loads about myself there. I don’t very often reveal myself though. That’d be rude.

What happened to the gallery?

It’s still there – I just don’t link to it anymore. As you might have guessed from the sidebar, I’ve been seduced by the charms of Flickr.