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@media Europe 2007

It was @media Europe 2007 last week and for me it was the best yet. Patrick and his team of merry oompa-loompas put on a great show.

The present­a­tions were fantastic this year. Particular highlights for me were those from Richard Ishida, Jon Hicks and Dan Webb. I took a lot of good stuff away from each of them.

It was also a privilege to see Molly E. Holzschlag (who recently announced her retire­ment from the confer­ence circuit), Joe Clarke (who announced his retire­ment from Web Accessibility) and Håkon Wium Lie, who showed off the $100 Laptop.

Outside the present­a­tion halls, it was great to catch up with old friends again and lovely to meet new people. Hopefully I’ll see you all again soon. It was only slightly weird when the bouncer at Metra told me he’d voted for the Threadless tee I was wearing.

I was begin­ning to feel a bit down about the whole web thing, so it’s really good to leave @media feeling enthused, inspired and full of fresh knowledge. Big thanks to every­one who made it what it was and here’s to the next one!

The obligatory “I’m back from @media 2006″ post

So, my first @media is over and very good it was too. Highlights for me (in no partic­u­lar order):

  • Jeff Veen’s present­a­tion: Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps. Caused me to have all manner of light-bulb moments.
  • Chris Wilson’s very inform­at­ive present­a­tion about IE7 — and (perhaps more import­antly) future versions beyond that one.
  • Mexican food with Adam and Gareth.
  • The relief when Peter Crouch finally scored for England, then the elation when Steven Gerrard sealed it.
  • Kate “buying” us (Amanda, Rich, Ross, Alan and myself) the most foul champagne of all time, then running away without drink­ing any enough.
  • Ian Lloyd mistak­ing the moon for Big Ben.
  • Robin Christopherson’s present­a­tion was absolutely amazing (despite the technical hiccups). It gave a real insight into how a blind user operates a PC and what problems they can (and do) run into on a daily basis.
  • Chatting with Adam, Nate Koechley (it’s pronounced “Keckley”) and [insert name of that canadian dude who took a liking to London Pride here] about some of the innov­a­tions going on at Yahoo! includ­ing a great sound­ing inverse-forum on their corpor­ate intranet.
  • Andy “Malarkey” Clarke’s present­a­tion: The Fine Art of Web Design. Really inspir­a­tional talk on pushing web design out of it’s current “comfort zone”. I intend to try. I wonder how far market­ing will let me push it?
  • The “hot topics” panel session which closed the confer­ence. Jeremy Keith lorded it over Molly, Jon Hicks, Eric Meyer and Tantek Çelic, which produced a very enter­tain­ing debate.
  • Inventing a series of new micro­formats (includ­ing hTopTrumps and hLove — for dating websites) in the pub with Rich, Gareth and Andy.

Big thanks to Patrick, Amanda and the rest of the team for organ­ising it and every­body else who made it such a good event. It was great to meet you all again / for the first time. Can we book tickets for the next one yet?

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The obligatory “I’m off to @media 2006″ post

I’ll be jumping on a train to London in the not-too-distant future and making my way down to the @media 2006 confer­ence, which is nice.

If you’re going, I might well see you there. I you’re not, well, yah boo sucks to you.

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