The obligatory “I’m off to @media 2006” post

I’ll be jumping on a train to London in the not-too-distant future and making my way down to the @media 2006 conference, which is nice.

If you’re going, I might well see you there. I you’re not, well, yah boo sucks to you.

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6 Responses to “The obligatory “I’m off to @media 2006” post”

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3. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

I don’t care about the internet anymore.

4. comment_author_url)) { ?> Pete Pete


I asked to go and was told it wasn’t a company priority.

Of course, the well being and general contentment of staff is fcuk all to do with going on jollies.


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I’m here! Good innit?

6. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Aye, very good. You should have come Pete ;-)