An Orange 222 frameset

Yes, it’s another bike. Yes, I’m a silly boy. What can I say? It’s an addiction…

9 Responses to “Acquisition”

1. comment_author_url)) { ?> Simon Simon

What is it with you and stupid looking frames :-p

2. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

It’s because they remind me of you ;-)

3. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

OO you sexy boy.

what bits did you say you were missing?
ah the hub..

4. comment_author_url)) { ?> Owen Owen

Ha ha ha ha ha! You really are addicted aren’t you? Nice frame though – are you now going to sell on your Azonic?

5. comment_author_url)) { ?> gordon gordon

hmmmmm lovely ( you can tell I’m an Orange owner as well ) … when you coming up to show us in Scotland?

6. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Owen – no idea what I’m doing with all the other stuff yet.

Gordon – Um… when I get around to it? New Year would be good, assuming Grant invites us again…

7. comment_author_url)) { ?> grant grant

New Year? Aye, probably. People will just have to actually come this time. ;-)

Wil have to clear with the boss, plus I’d need numbers ASAP!!

8. comment_author_url)) { ?> Callum (cousin) Callum (cousin)

it looks amazing your the best

9. comment_author_url)) { ?> Charlie Charlie

muwhahaha, welcome to the orange revolution!