The Christmas Collection

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Here’s a selection of pictures I took over the Christmas period. You’ll find friends, relatives and turtles amongst other things. Hope you enjoy them. View the pictures…

12 Responses to “The Christmas Collection”

1. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

077 : Olly in ‘first up a hill’ shocker!

2. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Oh sod off, you super-fit freakazoid ;-)

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4. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Is that some kind of crazy dog noise? Or are you a bear?

5. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

No bears

6. comment_author_url)) { ?> mark mark

I was gonna say – ” and you think I am scary” but then I realised that the flash is stupidly disturbing – even if you do have some photos that move me in an odd way.

7. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

There’s nothing scary about the green people :o)

8. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

Unless they have big weapons and are actually talking turtles.

9. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Um… do broomsticks and wooden swords count?

10. comment_author_url)) { ?> matt matt

YES? I am sure even YOU could make a broomhandle scary :)

11. comment_author_url)) { ?> Orlando Orlando

Hi all.Where are all the Christmas skins?
The ones I want are only available on sites that bundle them with spyware. Can soomebody tell me where they've gone, ore where to get some without spyware?

12. comment_author_url)) { ?> Little Money Little Money

LOL at the guy who painted himself green and the one who dressed up as a ninja turtle.